Monday, 30 September 2013

Analysis for "Sea Devil"


     I have to say I was quite relieved at the end. I approved of his choice to never go fishing alone at night again. However, at the start, I was subconsciously thinking 'No! fishing by yourself at night is a horrible idea!' I see now that in the start, there was some foreshadowing, the protagonist noting where the sparks from the cigarette go, just like him noting where the twin points from the sea devil are. Cigarettes are bad for you, as is netting a sea devil. As for the theme, I think that "Never get too cocky and think that nothing can go wrong," is pretty close.

Analysis for excerpt from "Whale Story"

     Right into it,

     I feel that the protagonist is meant to be the average 11-year-old girl that has moved to a new place. There is something magical about the place, (it happens to be... Bamfield!) not real. The developing theme I see in the excerpt is either about how moving to a new place is OK,and fun, or anything along the lines of anything is possible if you believe. I can connect it to the story in that I am/was where it takes place, so the visualizations are easier, not just nature, but the architectural style. It might have been easier to visualize, had I been lucky enough to see a whale, but what I saw was way more than I imagined.

Bamfield Last Week

Hello to someone who is reading my blog,

     For the past 5 nights two days ago, I was at Bamfield, a town of approximately 150 people on the West Coast. My entire grade was there for marine sciences/biodiversity, but that didn't mean a break from humanities. In the evenings we read short stories and wrote Haikus, and did TttT (Talking to the Text) on those short stories. That means that my next couples posts are going to be analysis paragraphs for an except from the novel Whale Story and the short story Sea Devil.